Tech Tantrums: can your device please UK techies in less than 1 minute?

Let’s admit it... we’ve all had a tech tantrum, whether that be because something’s too slow, has too many technical glitches, or generally provides a negative user experience.

#Market Research - 08/07/2016

Caution, entrepreneurs! Navigate these pitfalls at your own peril!

At Forbury Investment Network we have the pleasure of interacting with a large number of early stage businesses. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to interact with founders who are intelligent, passionate and energetic. However, we do also see a number of these individuals succumb to pitfalls which drastically reduce the odds of success for their businesses.

#Business Resources - 04/07/2016

Investor Briefing: Is energy storage and grid management the answer to keeping the lights on?

Forbury Investment Network held a successful Investor Briefing on ‘Is energy storage and grid management the answer to keeping the lights on?’ with their collaborators Rushlight Events on Wednesday 25th May, hosted by BDO.

#Presentations - 01/07/2016

After the Referendum

As immediate political and economic shockwaves of the referendum result pass in days to come, and the UK begins to adjust to a different future, there are few certainties about how the legal and financial frameworks will ultimately be affected.

#News - 24/06/2016

Hey big spender... spend a little less money will you?

The FinTech revolution has been gathering momentum fast with payments, lending and capital markets all experiencing serious disruption.

#News - 20/06/2016

Phishers don’t discriminate against start-ups

Even giants like, Mattel (the toy-manufacturer), aren’t immune to the phishing attacks of those virtual villains who try to obtain sensitive information like credit card details and access codes in order get their hands on your money.

#News - 13/06/2016

Tech entrepreneurs: do you have a Will?

Writing a Will is one of the few areas of law which is as yet fairly untouched by recent advancements in technology.

#Investor Resources - 10/06/2016

The Future of Retail and the Challenge of the Tech Revolution

The UK is known as a nation of shoppers. Over the last few decades shopping has become a leisure activity and shopping centres have become the place to spend at least part of each weekend – an opportunity to look at the latest stock and to try out various dining options.

#Market Research - 03/06/2016

Don’t just ignore the law

When you’re building your startup, and you’re gathering interest, you get busy fast. Consequently, many startups skimp on the legal side, and understandably so.

#Investor Resources - 27/05/2016

Managing Cybersecurity in Your Business

Cyber attacks can lead to all sorts of crises and they don’t just stop at preventing you from getting on with your business. You might just find yourself in breach of your legal obligations.

#Business Resources - 13/05/2016

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