Investor Briefing: Renewable Energy Storage Today

Forbury Investment Network held a successful Investor Briefing exploring the state of play in renewable energy storage with their collaborators, Rushlight Events, on Tuesday 18th November.

#News - 15/12/2014

Fossil fuel subsidies: has their time come?

Subsidies, in one form or another, have long been a firm part of the energy landscape for decades.

#News - 18/07/2014

An overview of the UK`s Electricity Market Reform

Electricity Market Reform (EMR), the UK government’s policy for maintaining UK energy security, has finally taken shape in a somewhat final version whilst the implementing secondary legislation is put forth to Parliament.

#News - 17/07/2014

Investor briefing - M&A Opportunities in Cleantech

Investor briefing - M&A Opportunities in Cleantech

#Presentations - 26/02/2014

The CEIP launched in Sri Lanka to enable Enterprise and Entrepreneurship for the Environment

Michael Sippitt, Chairman of the Commonwealth Environmental Investment Platform (CEIP), explained the opportunities the CEIP creates, at the launch of the Sri Lanka hub held at Colombo Courtyard, on Thursday 14th November, 2013

#News - 18/11/2013

Investor briefing - Recyclates` Market

Investor briefing - Recyclates` Market

#Presentations - 24/09/2013

The UK must act as a bridge for trade between Europe and the growing economies of the Commonwealth

According to a panel of leading experts, the UK and EU are missing a wealth of opportunities from the fastest growing economies in the world because of barriers to trade with the Commonwealth.

#Market Research - 25/07/2013

Investor briefing - Sustainable Road Transport - A Future Perspective

Sustainable Road Transport - A Future Perspective

#Presentations - 17/07/2013

Wind Energy Technology

Wind energy involves harnessing the energy generated from winds via turbine mechanisms to generate electricity.

#Market Research - 03/06/2013

The Smart Grid

The “Smart Grid” is a generic term that describes the next-generation network of infrastructure supporting electricity distribution around the country.

#Market Research - 03/06/2013

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